This version is in Beta, there may be issues we're still working out.

Welcome to HYPR API!

The HYPR Brands API is a groundbreaking solution that enables any influencer activation or management platform to integrate real-time audience demographic, geographic, and psychographic data to their website, reports, or activation solutions.

Request and Response Format

In general, you can read APIs by making HTTP Get requests. The HYPR API uses HTTP GET using query parameters and POST requests with JSON body.


Requests are case sensitive.


HYPR API paginates requests that return multiple items. You can specify additional pages with the &p parameter in the request body. Each response that contains multiple items contains the following information.

Parameter Description
current_page The number of the current page.
previous_page The number of the previous page.
next_page The number of the next page.
last_page The number of the last page.
total_results The number of total results for the query.

Running API Calls

You can use the following languages to run a HYPR API call. The examples in this guide use curl or Python.

  • Curl (HTTP)
  • Ruby
  • Node
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Go

Rate Limiting

The rate limit is determined by your SLA.

The maximum rate limit window for HYPR API is 100 requests for each endpoint per minute, which totals 60,000 requests in 24 hours.

If your application requires more calls than is allowed by your SLA, or the maximum rate limit window, contact Dylan@hyprbrands.com


Every API call requires authentication. To authenticate an API call, you include your API key in each request header. Contact dylan@hyprbrands.com to request an API key.

Request Header Example

curl –request GET \ --url https://hyprbrands.com/influencers/name//basic \ --header 'accept: application/json' \ --header 'authorization:

Getting Started

HYPR's public API allows filtering data based on multiple types of criteria. Across many of its endpoints, the API will require passing over identifiers of different data types such as:

  • Age Groups
  • Locations
  • Genders
  • Ethnic Groups
  • Social Networks
  • Etc.

Therefore, it is recommended that prior to using any of HYPR's public API endpoints, users first retrieve the relevant identifiers from the "/search/filters/" endpoint which allows retrieving the full list of available search filters alongside the relevant identifiers of each data type.


There are three typical workflows for the HYPR public API. For each workflow, you must first search for an influencer by name to return the influencer's public name or guid. The public name is an internal HYPR name and might change, so it is important to get the influencer's public name before running other API call. The public name and/or guid are required for most of HYPR API calls.

Search for Influencers

  • Get the list of audience filters
  • Get the list of verticals
  • Search for an influencer by name
  • Search for influencers by audience interests and filter results by audience demographics

Get statistics for an influencer's audience

  • Search for an influencer by name
  • Get an influencer's statistics for one or more audience filters

Export a PDF with Influencer information

  • Export an influencer profile

Responses and Error Codes

HYPR Brands API uses conventional HTTP responses to indicate the result of an API request. In general, 2xx codes indicate a successful request, 4xx codes indicate an error do to the request parameters, and 5xx codes indicate an error with the HYPR servers.

Code Name Actions to do
200 Request was successful. .
402 Payment needed Contact dylan@hyprbrands.com
429 Too many request Wait for the next rate-limit window
4XX Standard HTTP responses .
5XX HTTP general server error. Contact dylan@hyprbrands.com